My Story

An artist's music can always be traced back to a genesis.

My story began back when I was young, my grandmother taught me how to read music and play the piano as I grew up listening to all the hits of the 90's mixed in with Rock 'N' Roll.  I continued to learn the piano until I started to listen to "my own music" and the first album I ever purchased was Linkin Park and Jay-Z "Collision Course" upon its release on November 30, 2004.   My family disliked Rap and/or Hip Hop (whichever word they felt like using at the time) and so my music collection grew in secrecy.

I was never the best student...  I could never keep my attention focused on what I was supposed to be learning. Instead I would put all my attention into writing multitudes of stories, poems or scripts, so pretty much anything I felt like jotting down into my books. I remember getting into trouble a lot because I always had my "English book"  in class writing down what I felt like writing down.


I dropped out of school at the start of my graduation year. I remember feeling like a failure and I was ofter reminded as such.

By the year 2011 I was working my way through life and decided that to help myself I would do what I had become accustomed to and write down what I wanted to say, but this time, I would record it. I purchased a cheap microphone and audio interface and began to record the vocals for "Game Plan".  The experience I felt when I played back the track after finishing it was almost euphoric. For all the years I was in school I only ever heard myself keeping rhythms in my head but never had I said any of it out loud.  I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of it.


So regardless of what anyone told me, I told myself that I was going to get into university to improve my music skills and become an all around musician. From the composing of music and the writing of lyrics to the production of tracks of all styles and genres and all the way down to audio engineering.


Currently studying a bachelors degree I am well on my way to achieving what I set out to do, but I will never forget all the obstacles and hurdles I have had to go through to even get to where I am now.  It is for that reason that I extend my hand out to my fans, to listen when nobody else will and to help wherever I can.

My music is all about believing.
And if I can do it,
Then so can you.
Believe in yourself and other will follow.

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The ed sheeran show was the most creative and inspiring show I have ever been to! His collaboration
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Its all in the wrist ;)
A good day of recording
My dogs takes the mic and does her own freestyle _P
_edsheeeran #live in #Sydney for his #multiplyaus show! An absolutely amazing and creative performan
Starting to learn saxophone