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5 amazing games to keep you occupied these holidays

Updated: Apr 1, 2019


If you’re a gamer and you celebrate Christmas then this is just for you. So let’s take all the Christmas money and spend it on some games that I highly recommend:


Subnautica wallpaper

Subnautica had its full release earlier in the year and this early access, survival builder game just oozes brilliance as you literally submerge yourself on an alien planet after your spacecraft crash landed. From the company that brought the great PVP title Natural Selection you can expect some fantastic and scary alien flora and fauna as you explore the vast open ocean and cave systems of 4546B.

AU$26.96 on STEAM




Sunset Overdrive Wallpaper

Originally released on Xbox one a few years ago this title has finally hit the PC steam store and if you own either a PC or console you simply have to try this. The game throws you into an bio-hazard apocalypse with the humor of dead-pool and the character customization of Saints Row. Shoot, smash, grind, hang, and parkour the hell out of this arcade like apocalypse with mutants chasing you at your heels as you become the hero in your 4th wall breaking story.

AU$22.76 on STEAM

AU$22.46 on the MICROSOFT STORE (also included in Game Pass)


Rimworld Wallpaper

Another early access title fully released Rimworld is a simulation/strategy game with colony management at its core. The stories that you build with your colony as it expands can be epic tales you'll remember, once such memory I have is of my settler Joel who I captured from a Rival clan of pirates and convinced him to join me. The pirates retaliated and during their mortar bombardment as my army were engaging them Joel’s leg was blown clean off his body. As my doctor ran over to him another mortar went off and shrapnel got Joel right in the lung. my doctor managed to save his life and gave him a prosthetic so he could walk, but I was majorly pissed off. To exact my revenge I captured one of the pirates and ordered my doctor to transplant his lung into Joel. Then kept him alive so that the infection from his surgery would kill him. Absolutely savage and this is just one story out of thousands. You can be as nice or as cruel as you want at the end of the day it’s all about the survival of your people!

AU$49.95 on STEAM


Oxygen not included is a game not for the faint of heart, currently in early access the game focuses on colony management with its spectacular physics system. The game puts the player in control of 'duplicants' as the struggle to survive in an asteroid floating through space. You'll need to harness the local flora and fauna and carve you way through both the terrain and technology tree to safely traverse the toxic gasses, liquids and temperatures you will find. This game offers a real challenge for those who love colony games with survival aspects and you can easily spend hours and hours (even days and weeks) playing a single colony. AU$26.96 on STEAM

5. X4: Foundations

X4 is an action/simulation game set in a dynamic universe where everything you do impacts the galaxy. AI will build stations, wage war and dynamically changed based of the actions of yourself and the other AI. You could for example aid the war effort of a fellow faction to increase your income by supplying them with weapons till you build enough money to take them on yourself. With numerous customization ships and stations you will be able to carve your empire and the galaxy as you see fit.

AU$69.95 on STEAM


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