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Michael Bay makes a video game

Updated: Apr 1, 2019


On the 4th of December the well anticipated Just Cause 4 hit the shelves and PC gamer‘s steam libraries. For those of you who don’t know, Just Cause is basically what would happen if you let Michael Bay make a game with a super hero in leather, an archipelago, some destructive vehicles and the arsenal of a terminator. It truly is a franchise based on the idea of a sandbox of pure destructive fun and creativity.

Just Cause 4 has received “mostly negative” reviews on steam and to be totally honest with you I do not fully understand why, nor do I believe it deserves that negative rating, thus I will give you the results of my experience with the game.

The game throws you right into the thick of it straight off the bat but does a decent job of showing new players the ropes, what I really love about is that all the original “upgrades” to your gear that you did in Just Cause 3 are there for you to use as soon as you start playing. The developers haven't simply recycled previous material and reused it as a progression system. Rather, your progression in this game is all about unlocking goodies that increase your ability to blow sh*t up in the most beautiful, spectacular and unique ways you can imagine.

My first thirty minutes with the game I spent trying to see if I could make a platformer level using giant explosive barrels of what I presume was fuel. Let’s just say it didn't’t go well for Rico or the people I showered with tons of flying steel but bloody hell was in fun! And this is exactly what the game does so well, in my opinion better than previous titles, the game is pretty much begging you to push it to the limit and this is what I want out of this kind of game.

Now graphically I will say that it does look a bit off, like the antialiasing isn't’t quite right (or something) but the game runs really smooth on my 8700k (not overclocked), 16GB RAM (not XMP) and GTX 980TI. The sound in general doesn't seem to differ too much from the third title in terms of functionality however, the voice acting is so much better it caught me completely by surprise. I used to laugh at how bad the voice acting was in this franchise but for the first time I think the voice acting is pretty decent and not to mention THEY HAVE MUSIC STATIONS IN THE VEHICLES NOW!

I am quite a few hours into this game and I am having The time of my life blowing things up with creativity and pure badassary.

Summary of pros and cons:


- a hole new level of destructive creations (yes you can use animals as helicopter wrecking balls)

- a diverse set of environments that change not only change the way the game looks but how you play as well. From mountainous regions to flat sand dunes.

- the new grappling hook is extremely diverse and effective

- no need to do 5-10 minute long “side Missions” that are not fun (minigames from Just Cause 3)


- some Sort of graphical glitch at the moment on PC causing graphics to not actually appear high quality

- no remote explosives

- a few minor bugs that I reckon can be a positive too because they can be hilarious

I give this game a solid 7.5/10


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