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“On the Beat True Story” Brings a harsh reality to songwriting

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Gabreal recently released his latest track “On the Beat True Story” and as the name suggests it brings to light the harsh reality for a young man growing up in a third world country, a taboo topic not often addressed in detail by the media. Having known Gabreal for a few years I knew that he wanted to one day make a song that would show others his life prior to moving to Australia, to use music as a medium in which he could capture and express how a young life in Sudan moulded and shaped both himself and his family, “On the Beat True Story” is the realisation of that idea.

The beat itself is quite different to anything we’ve heard from Gabreal before and he’s back again with the presence of yet another catchy hook. Despite how memorable the hook is, the life ingrained into this track that this man and his family, and many other families had to endure and still do endure is something that inspires both awe and disgust. I say disgust because you cannot help but curse at the thought of how such an admirable man such as Gabreal had to deal with an early life filled with bullets and heartbreak. Yet he is not alone.

If you haven’t seen the music video I’d strongly suggest watching it at the top of this article or simply click here. You can see the amount of thought that Gabreal put into the symbolism to expand upon the lyrics and the use of captivating shots that blend perfectly with the style of hip hop this track resonates with.

I’m glad and surprised to see how this project has turned out and feel as though this is another huge step in the right direction for Gabreal. I hope that “On the Beat True Story” is the staple that instates the legacy of Gabreal’s life and music career.

It is also worth mentioning that Gabreal runs a monthly party on Sunday nights called WavyLand. A place where people can chill, party and have fun with emcees, DJs, hip hop heads and party-goers! You can find out more here.


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