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Struggling with Fibromyalgia.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Marty! I need you to go back with me!

To understand and relate to the situation I am currently in let me take you back to the start of 2016. I had just released my album Rock Hop, Vol.1 and things were looking pretty great! I had a part time job, I was studying music at university and was recording not only myself but others artists at my home studio. At the same time the night life and live music scenes were still in the process of changing due to the "lock out laws" put into place in the Sydney CBD around 2014 I had decided to focus my attention more towards YouTube and building up an online presence to accompany future shows once the whole "lock out laws" things had settled (just fyi for those of you who either don't live in Sydney or don't know, they pretty much screwed up the entire live music scene and clubbing scene all at the same time).

Suffice to say, my attention did shift.. but the shift wasn't what I expected and it certainly wasn't towards YouTube. See around half way through the year I started getting pain running from my left hip down to my knee. I pressed on with it for quite some time before realizing it just was not. going. away! So I went to the doctor who then did a whole bunch of tests and I was at the physio for quite a while trying to work out what the hell was wrong with my damn leg. After a lot of money and a lot of exercising, Surprise! they had no clue, by this stage it had gotten so bad I was literally using a walking stick to walk around (it wasn't even a cool fancy one either). So I went and saw an osteopath who did some checks and came to the conclusion that my hip was out of alignment and was thus causing issues with the connective tissue running from my outer hip to my knee. COOL! within about 2 weeks it started feeling better but never completely went away. But hey! I didn't need a walking stick anymore and it was bearable so who cares I was happy. On I went through what little remained of 2016, trying to get everything back in order after spending the last few months in and out of work and back and forth between doctors and university till only a short while into 2017 things started to go back down hill. But... my leg was fine?

“Doctors think a lot of patients are cured who have simply quit in disgust." - Don Herold

Headaches and migraines that felt like the worst hangovers I had ever had and kept going for days and days and days. I said to my doctor. He ordered some x-rays to make sure I didn't have a tumor (like my dad had) and gave me some tablets for the headaches. By this stage my left shoulder started getting constant pain whenever I would lay down, I had sought of learned from my prior experience with my knee and went straight to the physio and chiropractor to see if my neck was causing these headaches and the shoulder pain before waiting for my next doctors appointment... which... SURPRISE! the doctor had no idea! so he literally told me it was something I am just going to have to live with (kind of ironic when I think about this now) but we had a little bit of a mild argument and I left his office never to return to see him again. I kept seeing the physio though, who thought it was a compressed nerve in my neck causing the problem and thus whilst still working I kept going back to the physio. This went on for about a month and they kept telling me things were getting better when out of the blue the pain in my left shoulder had moved to my right shoulder... weird right? So I went back to the physio who seemed to be just as confused as I was and thus I went on to my doctor to get more tests done and ultimately ended up seeing a specialist.


I know I have gone into a bit of depth about what was going on but this is all just to paint a picture for you. I went on seeing this specialist for a few months who pretty much had his mind set that his diagnosis was correct and that it was working (it wasn't). By this time it was early 2018!!! I was living with this pain that had started as headaches and migraines and had evolved to headaches, migraines, numbness and pain all the way from my shoulders down to my hands. I hadn't done anything in god knows how long and to top it all off Inner Light had been sitting on the shelf (so to speak) for a year waiting for this problem to be all but resolved. So currently I am seeing a neurologist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, and we are still working on getting the symptoms under control. I decided if I didn't release Inner Light and the website now... then I never would. Simply because at this point in time I don't see things ever getting any better. But I won't give up. I always try the best that I can to keep on going... and so... I ask you. If you know anyone or are suffering with fibromyalgia yourself or you have chronic pain, how do you move on with your life? how do you get it under control? and most importantly... were you ever able to get back to the things you love most? If you are struggling yourself or you have any advice jump onto the Facebook page and send me a message. I would be more than happy to talk to you. Thank you.


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