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Super Hero Landing’s in Ancient Greece

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey hit the shelves not too long ago and after finally beating all of the main story content I decided it’s time to write down what I thought about the title.

Having been a fan of Assassin’s Creed since the original game, pre-ordering it a long time in advance it came as a real shock to me that for the first time I can remember, hay bale's are almost completely removed from the game! Rather than swan diving your way into a hay bale you will get the opportunity to do super hero landings like dead pool never dreamed of.

Your traditional hay bails are still there, however other than being used to dive off of synchronization points they can not be interacted with at all.

There are also a few changes made to the flow of the game that improve the RPG experience. The developers have decided to ensure that crafting and improving armor and weapons is the forefront of your journey and thus you no longer have to spend valuable resources on upgrading gadget pouches and arrow quivers etc. like you did in Origins. It seems as though this would make the game easier but in reality the use of materials and obtaining them is still a challenge, especially on higher difficulties. They have also made discovering locations more of an exploration adventure by having the game naturally show locations in areas on the map when either your character sees them or hears about them. This means no more question marks on locations you’ve never been to unless you/your character knows about the prior to visiting the location.

I started my journey by choosing Kassandra and chose to play on legendary, as a side note I was a bit let down that there were no achievements for playing the game on that difficulty and as far as I could tell, no advantages in terms of reward win game either. The choices that I made led to an interesting game experience that although some were minor it really helped to set the scene that this odyssey was really about Making history rather than recreating it through the animus. You will get a number of choices to make from main story quests early on to almost every side mission in the game, and if you’re like me and sometimes want to see what would’ve happened if you’d chosen differently you can simply use the quick save prior to your decision that easily reload!

Now I don’t want to spoil the game for those who haven't played and I believe the less you know the more you’d get out of the gameplay experience especially in relation to your choices.

Graphically the game seems to have little to talk about and is very similar to Origins, with textures on your character/main character seeming to be way more detailed than others, frames will probably be an issue on older machines in the cities especially with V-Sync enabled as the stuttering on my rig got pretty real whilst running a 8700k, GTX980 Ti with 16GB of RAM and running straight off an SSD. But other than that you can enjoy the beauty you experienced in the previous title (with more oceans). Check out some of my screenshots below!

The last thing I want to talk about is combat, much smoother and less uncomfortable than Origins, Odyssey does a much better job at making the game feel like the combat from earlier titles whilst maintaining the variety you’d expect from an RPG. One issue is still present in which enemies will tend to slide/moonwalk their way over to you in an attack animation even if you have dodged resulting with you getting hit by the enemy with a nasty cheap shot. Although not very common, when this does happen it really sucks, especially when playing on Nightmare because two hits could mean the death of you.

All up I felt this game‘s story was more organic, less forced and underwhelming than that of Origins and despite some minor fixable issues the game itself truely is an Odyssey that took me 70hrs to finish the main story experience.

Score: 8.8/10


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