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The story behind "Inner Light" by Bona

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

What happened to 2016? It all began at the start of 2016 when my friend Luke "Midstrength" (Midi) passed away from suicide. I felt partially responsible, as though I could have done something to stop it and to an extent I blamed myself. Whilst trying to cope with the loss a childhood friend of mine Peter was tragically killed in a car accident. Everything seemed to be somehow falling apart. There were two friends of mine that got caught in the middle of the distress and things just went from bad to worse. Through the stress between work, a personal injury from a motorbike accident and university I found myself unable to write anything that I either didn't like or didn't send the message I wanted. I just went on auto pilot... and by the end of 2016 I'd had enough. The comeback By the start of 2017 I had so many tracks produced waiting to be used I decided it was time to write a song for Luke, which in honour of his memory would be called midstrength. Although, I couldn't bring myself to use any of the tracks that I had made from 2016 and through frustration I deleted all of them, and to be honest it felt kinda good... like there was some weight taken off my shoulders and some freedom to push forward. After finishing the song I began working on a new short track. Something to explain why I was gone, what I was doing and the fight that was going on inside of myself. This sums up the overall meaning of Inner Light. Never give up I've always told myself to never give up, no matter what anyone says I always tell myself "I can do this" no matter how hard or how corny that may sound. After 2016 I decided it was time to focus on helping the people that help me, from friends and family to fans and other artists. I wanted to reflect my passion for music into Inner Light to show people that I care, that I'm not just another wannabe rapper from Sydney. I'm not another stereotypical wannabe looking to make some money from people, this is about my passion and the happy and sad times that I live through to try and make it to my final goal. So I hope you enjoy Inner Light as much as I did when it was finally finished. Check out the music video and don't forget to subscribe to my website for a complimentary copy.

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