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Ubisoft set a bar that Anthem can't reach?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A new Ubisoft game Hit the shelves and it’s a whole new division too (sorry couldn’t help myself).

Okay... let’s start again.


The Division 2 launched for gamer's who bought the gold or ultimate editions of the game on the 12th of March, after playing quite a few hours I decided it was time to write my thoughts about this new AAA title. A quick reminder that the standard edition launches March 15th!

Graphically the biggest stand out of The Division 2 has to be the lighting. From standing street lights to contaminated corridors this game has the lighting of a top notch horror game, which we all know is one of the biggest highlights of that genre. Light will be both advantageous in some areas and also an obstacle in others.

I’ll share an actual experience I had that gave me chills. I was approaching an enemy control point as the sun was going down, I ran over to a concrete roadblock just downwind of the enemy as they overlooked my position from their makeshift scaffold. I was ready to engage the enemy sniper furthest away in a lookout tower when the sun set entirely and in an instant my advantage vanished as the control point’s spotlights and exterior lighting came on, blinding my vision and making it impossible to take the enemy out from my position. I had to move, pushing my way forward with my shield as my seeker mine following close behind me. I took out one of the lights and kept pushing, reaching for my shotgun to take out two lightning infantry running towards me, after a pretty intense firefight the enemy sentries were defeated. Finally I reached the lookout sending up a flare and getting ready for the counter attack as a friendly patrol ran to my aid. CRACK! During The commotion I hadn’t noticed the clouds roll in overhead and with it came a downpour of rain and lightning. Suddenly the lights the enemy had used were now against me yet again as I struggled to see through them as the downpour of rain reflected the light in a misty glow. I climbed higher till I could see over the lights in the same position the sniper was in, and what I saw was something gamer's get when they experience something in a new game that they rarely or have never experienced in a game before. The enemy pushing towards me, elites and all we’re struggling to see me through the rain and glare of the lights! As if they were a player. it was at that point I thought to myself “daaaaayuuuuum, this lighting and weather system is amazing”.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that is sugar coated and it is a bit to help you get the atmosphere and experience I was having. But trust me when I say that what happened really did make me stop for a second stare blankly at my monitor in amazement.

Graphics aside the best way I can describe The Division 2 would be to imagine what the final major patch added to The Division 1 in the form of a new area with new mechanics and apply that to the whole game with things To do around every corner. And the dark zones, oh mah gawwwd are they fun. I don’t want to spoil any of the details on the game but suffice to say it kept me entertained for hours and will keep me entertained for many more. There are a bunch of enemies and types with each enemy faction feeling very unique and their approach to attack and defense is different, meaning you gotta know who you're fighting when playing at higher difficulties or you'll be digging your own grave. The game does come with a couple of added things that should have been in the first game to make the multiplayer systems more enjoyable. Firstly, the open world free roam areas are now normalized when playing with friends that are a lower/higher level than you, meaning that you can now play with your higher or lower level friends without having them sit there bored because they cannot kill anything. Furthermore, the game actually makes things harder by increasing the number of enemies that spawn when you play with more people making the fights intense as hell, but also fair. I give this game a solid 8/10 and I cannot wait to see how it progresses with all the free content coming to ALL PLAYERS. No splitting of the community just all around fun that you can enjoy with your mates... oh... and did I mention there are clans? ;) See you out there agents.


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