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Work, life, dream balance “Afterparty - EP”

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Have you ever sat there on a Sunday night and thought to yourself “here comes another Monday and another week at work” Most people do especially if what they do isn’t something they love. But there are those few that not only work a 9 to 5 or longer but spend every other waking second focusing and progressing towards their dream.

Wavyland's creator and party-maker Gabreal released his EP "Afterparty - EP" recently, you may remember him featuring on "The Musician's Life" which is on my first album Rock Hop Vol.1, but before we get into the music side of things I just want to establish something first. This man started and created what is growing into the most notorious underground rap party every Sunday. He literally started from the bottom and now he really is here. Hell, If you’re a rapper in Sydney, Australia and you don’t know who Gabreal is. Something is definitely wrong.

Gabreal started Wavyland almost a year ago with the one year event happening in December, and whilst working his job Gabreal not only kept Wavyland going but he was putting himself out there in every way possible to get to his goals. THEN, he releases an EP to top it all off. The SAME EP that features “On the Beat True Story” which has hit the radio waves and YouTube and stuck a chord with people who don't realise the kind of struggle and hustle it takes to come from a third world country and work towards your dreams.

The EP is available on all your favorite streaming services and online stores!

Listen now!


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